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Advanced Ob Gyn

It’s very common to want to reverse your tubal ligation.

Over the past three decades Dr. Joseph Hazan has improved this outpatient procedure to achieve best results. The microsurgical procedure is now highly precise and accurate. The state of the art outpatient surgery center is also affordable.

The initial visit is helpful in exploring your personal health status. Your visits for a year are included in the $ 3000 surgical fee. The surgery center fee is $1800 and anesthesia is $ 500, bringing the total cost to $5300. There are no added costs. The results have been outstanding. One recent patient conceived three weeks after her surgery and recently gave birth to her beautiful baby.

Please check out the website http://www.advancedtubalreversal.com and call 636.928.1800 or 314.291.2140 to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan about your personal situation and to schedule your initial office visit. The visit fee of $120 is credited…

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