If you’re considering a Tubal Reversal, this is a good time for this choice.

For over thirty years Dr. Joseph Hazan has done the microsurgical Tubal Reversal procedure and has sought to improve the technique and results.

Now the way this is performed is better and more effective due to technical improvements and Dr. Joseph Hazan is happy to provide this as an outpatient procedure here at Advanced Ob Gyn Services. The state of the art surgery center is available with a wonderful and friendly staff.

They offer a discount at $1800 and anesthesia is $500.

The surgical fee which includes all of the visits for up to a year is $3000. The total for the entire package is $5300.

So, if you, or someone you know is considering Tubal Reversal, please call 636.928.1800 and ask to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan for more information and about how you may benefit from this opportunity.

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