If you’ve had a Tubal Ligation and you’re

interested in having a Tubal Reversal, you

now have an excellent opportunity.

Advanced Tubal Reversal offers the best

available option that’s reliable and affordable.

It’s made possible with attention to detail,

good surgical technique honed over thirty

years and constant improvement by Joseph

Hazan, M.D. , FACOG who has developed it.

One recent patient who recently had her

baby after Advanced Tubal Reversal says:

“thank you for changing my life, Dr. Hazan.

Because this procedure requires specialized

and extensive experience, we now offer a

premium excellent outpatient surgery center

which gives you a discount and the anesthesia

team also provides a significant discount.

The surgery is performed by Dr. Joseph Hazan

who has taught at St. Louis University and

Washington University.

Your first step is to call 636.928.1800 and ask

to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan about your specific


After your phone conversation, you’ll make an

appointment to have an examination of your

uterus and ovaries. During this visit you can

have all your questions answered.

The fee of $120 you pay during this visit becomes

a down payment towards the surgical fee of $3000.

After you complete the payment of the $3000, your

procedure is scheduled at the surgery center and

a week before your procedure, the $500 anesthesia

fee is due and on the day of the procedure you pay

$1800 to the surgery center.

So, the total amount is $5300 which includes all

your follow up and visits for up to a year.

We’ve found that our patients are happy with

this step by step approach.

So, please take the first step now and visit our

special website http://www.tuboplasty.com and then

call 636.928.1800 to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan

about your specific situation.

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