If you’ve had a Tubal Ligation and now are

considering a Tubal Reversal, this is an

excellent time.

The Tubal Reversal procedure has been

improved and become more precise and

effective after many advances which is

why Dr. Joseph Hazan who has taught

at St. Louis University and Washington

University is able to provide Advanced

Tubal Reversal as an outpatient.

Advanced Tubal Reversal gives you

the advantage of knowing that it is

done by a skilled surgeon with many

years of experience, in the best

possible way which is also affordable.

Our state of the art Outpatient Surgery

Center offers a discounted fee of $1800

and anesthesia fee is $500.

Your first step is to call 636.928.1800

and ask to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan

about your specific situation.

After talking about your particular health

and other concerns we make an appointment

to visit when we can determine the status of

your uterus and ovaries. During this visit,

you can have your questions answered.

You pay $120 during this visit, which is

the down payment towards the surgical


After you finish paying this $3000 surgical

fee, you’ll be scheduled to have your procedure.

One week before your procedure, you pay the

$500 anesthesia fee and on the day of your

procedure you pay $1800 to the Surgery


So, the total, which covers your visits and

care for a year is $5300.

Your first step is to visit http://www.tuboplasty.com

and call 636.928.1800 to talk with Dr. Joseph

Hazan about your specific situation.


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