If you’ve had a Tubal Ligation and

are considering a Tubal Reversal, now you have

an effective and affordable new opportunity.

Advanced Tubal Reversal is available through

Advanced Ob Gyn Services and provides you

with the possibility to conceive with every

ovulation cycle naturally. It was developed by

Joseph Hazan, M.D., FACOG who has taught

at Washington University and St. Louis University.

Our new surgery center with state of the art

facilities provides reduced pricing to help

serve more patients better and sooner.

The best place to start is by visiting our special

updated website http://www.advancedtubalreversal.com

and call 636.928.1800 to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan

about your specific situation.

We’ll first ask for the report of your tubal ligation

and find out how it was done, to better determine

the status of your tubes.

We’ll then make an appointment for you to be seen

by Dr. Joseph Hazan and receive an examination to

find out the situation of your uterus and ovaries.

During this visit you pay $120 which becomes

the down payment toward the $3000 surgical fee and

after this amount is paid, your procedure will be

scheduled at the surgery center,

One week before your procedure, you pay the $500

anesthesia fee and on the day of your procedure you

pay $1800 to the surgery center.

We find that this step by step approach works best and

is preferred by everyone.

Advanced Tubal Reversal has improved the chances

of achieving pregnancy for many patients since being

introduced at an affordable $5300 total which includes

all visits and follow up for a year.

So, take your first step today by visiting our dedicated

website http://www.advancedtubalreversal.com and call us

at 636.928.1800 to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan about

your specific situation soon.


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