Pregnancy Preparation Tips

Advanced Ob Gyn

If you’ve been thinking about getting

pregnant, now is the best time to start

preparing for your wonderful new baby.

You’ll be embarking on the most exciting,

amazing and fulfilling experience and

you’ll have your own lovely new baby

who’s very special and preparation best

starts before pregnancy.

We now know that your health and wellness

before and during pregnancy is the most

important contributor to your baby’s health

and wellness. We also know that having a

baby-friendly lifestyle is the best thing to do.

Because this preparation is so helpful,

Joseph Hazan, M,D., FACOG who has

delivered seven thousand babies and

taught at Washington University and

St. Louis University has prepared

PrePregnancy Profile to help you

achieve your optimal health and

wellness before you conceive to

give you and your baby the best

possible start.

When you come to see Dr. Joseph

Hazan you’ll have great peace of


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