Advanced Ob Gyn, Advanced Tubal Reversal


The precision and accuracy of tubal reversal technique

has steadily improved. We can now proceed with better

expectation of optimal results.

Dr. Joseph Hazan has been doing Tubal Reversals for

over thirty years and has found the most effective

and efficient way to deliver you the best results.

If you or someone you know is interested, please

call 314.291.2140 or 636.928.1800 and ask to talk

with Dr. Joseph Hazan about your specific situation.

See how you can benefit from this opportunity soon.

Advanced Tubal Reversal, Essure removal


There are many instances when

you might desire your tubal ligation.

If you’ve had a tubal ligation and

desire future fertility, there’re

several advantages to having an

outpatient tubal reversal.

After tubal reversal, pregnancy

occurs naturally.

There’re no difficulties with

injections or other interventions

which are required using IVF.

Once your tubes are untied you

have the ability to get pregnant

with every cycle.


Joseph Hazan, M.D., FACOG has been

doing advanced tubal reversal for

several years and has improved the

technique to make it even more

precise and effective.

Now there’s hope to restore your

fertility the easiest and most

affordable way possible.

This includes cases of Essure.

The total cost including all

your visits for up to one year

is $ 5,300.

Please call 636.928.1800 and

ask to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan

about your special situation soon.

Advanced Tubal Reversal


ADVANCED TUBAL REVERSAL is precise, reliable and highly effective.

Over the years Joseph Hazan, M.D., FACOG has improved the

microsurgical techniques to make the procedures even

better and more successful.

The addition of a new state of the art and affordable

surgery facility has made this now

available to more patients from many states.

YOUR FIRST STEP is to call 314.291.2140 or 636.928.1800

and ask to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan about your specific

situation and find out more.

Then, you can schedule your first visit to determine the

status of your uterus and ovaries.

During your visit you can also find out about the specific

details about your situation.

The surgery center fee is $1800 payable on the day of

your procedure.

The anesthesia fee is $500 payable after scheduling

your procedure.

When you come for your first visit you pay $120

which becomes your down payment towards the

$3000 surgeon’s fee that includes all of your visits

for up to one year.

When you finish paying the $3000 you may

schedule your procedure within a few weeks.

The total cost is $5300 for a limited time only, so

please call today to find out if you

can benefit from this opportunity.

The phone numbers are 314.291.2140 or

636.928.1800. You may also visit the special