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Essure contraceptive implants have been associated

with several significant problems.

This hysteroscopic implanted device was placed in

over 750,000 women worldwide.

The problems stemming from the nickel-titanium

springs and coil has led to its discontinuation, first

overseas in May 2017 and now here in the US.

From 2002 through the end of 2017 there were 27,000

reports regarding Essure issues and over the past year

90% of these reports were about Essure removal.

Some of these surgeries are done because another

permanent birth control procedure is needed.

However a large number of the surgeries are done

due to various symptoms presenting with Essure.

We have seen a significant surge of Essure issues.

We now offer outpatient Essure removal as a successful,

effective and helpful procedure. Furthermore it’s now

more affordable and available.

The surgery center fee is $1800 and anesthesia is $500.

Our surgical fee is $2000 which includes all…

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