Advanced Ob Gyn, Essure removal


You have probably heard that due to various problems,

Essure contraceptive implants are being discontinued.

Advanced Ob Gyn Services now offers outpatient

Essure removal as an affordable,

reliable, successful and helpful procedure to our



Joseph Hazan, M.D., FACOG has vast experience

and made improvements in the

removal process to be more effective and better.

The surgery center fee is $1800 and anesthesia is

$500. Our surgical fee is $2,000.

So, the total is $4,300 and includes all your visits

up to a year.


Dr. Joseph Hazan has been an instructor at

both St. Louis University and Washington University.


If you would like to talk with Joseph Hazan, M.D.,FACOG

during regular office hours, you may call 314.291.2140

or 636.928.1800 and ask to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan

about your specific situationĀ  and benefit from this

advance that’s now more affordable.

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