Here’s what one of the patients who had a

Tubal Reversal done by Dr. Joseph Hazan

has to say:

“Thank you Dr. Hazan for making our

dram of having a Child come true.

I never thought this would be possible

until running across your name on the

internet. You and your staff always made

us feel so comfortable and we always

received top notch care. Now we are

happy parents of little Hunter and he

is perfect!!! You are an angel and I

will always tell everyone about how you

are the one that made this possible.”

If you’ve had a Tubal Ligation and are

considering a Tubal Reversal, this is

a good time.

Dr. Joseph Hazan who has taught at

both St. Louis University and Washington

University, has extensive experience and

has improved the Tubal Ligation procedure

and offers Advanced Tubal Reversal as

out patient at a state of the art facility

which makes it more accessible and


The surgery center offers a discount at

$1800 fee, and anesthesia is $500.

The procedure fee is $3000.

Your first step is to call 636.928.1800

and ask to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan

about your specific situation.

After this phone interview, you’ll be

asked to be seen at the office.

When you come for the office visit

we’ll evaluate your overall health

condition and other factors.

During this visit you pay a $120

down payment which goes towards

the payment of $3000 fee. Once you

complete the $3000 payment, you’ll

have your procedure scheduled.

One week before the procedure,

you can pay the $500 anesthesia fee

and on the day of procedure you pay

the $1800 to the surgery center.

This step by step approach works best.

So now please visit us at http://www.tuboplasty.com

and call 636.928.1800 and ask to talk with

Dr. Joseph Hazan about your specific situation.

We look forward to serving you.

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