If you’ve considered having a Tubal Reversal,

this would be a great opportunity for you now.

For many years the Tubal Reversal procedure

has been refined and improved.

Joseph Hazan, M.D., FACOG who has taught at

St. Louis University and Washington University

has greatly facilitated this operation with a

state of the art outpatient surgery center which

provides excellent care, makes this now much more

accessible and affordable.

The surgery center offers a discount on the fee and

for a total cost of $5300 which includes all visits

for up to a year, this is a great option many prefer.

Your first step is to visit http://www.tuboplasty.com and then call

636.928.1800 to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan about your

specific situation.

You’ll be seen at the office prior to scheduling your

procedure. During this visit the overall situation will

be evaluated and your questions will be answered.

The visit fee of $120 goes toward paying the $3000

surgical fee. After paying the $3000, your procedure

will be scheduled and one week before the procedure

the $500 anesthesia fee is paid and the surgery center

Receives $1800 on the day of surgery.

This stepwise approach works best and has been

appreciated by all our patients we’ve served.

So, you can now take the first step for Advanced Tubal

Reversal by visiting http://www.tuboplasty.com. Then, please

call 636.928.1800 and ask to talk to Dr. Joseph Hazan

about your specific situation.

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