Joseph Hazan, M.D., FACOG has been performing

the successful Tubal Reversal procedure of Tuboplasty

for over thirty years. He has improved this procedure

over time into the more effective and precise Advanced

Tubal Reversal.

The Advanced Tubal Reversal procedure is designed to

help restore tubal patency and function. This provides

you to conceive naturally with every ovulation cycle.

A new surgery center with state of the art facilities has

made recent reduction in pricing more affordable to

serve our patients better.

The best place to start is to visit http://www.tuboplasty.com

and call 636.928.1800 to ask to talk with Dr. Joseph

Hazan about your specific situation. We’ll then ask

to obtain the report of your tubal ligation operation

and find out how that was done to better determine

the situation of your tubes. We’ll then make an

appointment for you to be seen by Dr. Joseph

Hazan and receive an examination and find

out the situation of your uterus and ovaries.

During this visit you’ll have an opportunity

to find out more and start preparing.

At the time of the visit you pay $120 that

becomes your down payment towards the

$3000 fee and after finishing this, we then

make an appointment with the surgery

center for your procedure.

One week before your procedure you

pay the $500 anesthesia fee and on the

day of your procedure you pay $1800

to the surgery center. We find this

stepwise approach works best and is

preferred by everyone.

So take your first step now and visit us

at http://www.tuboplasty.com and call 636.928.1800

to talk with Dr. Joseph Hazan about your

specific situation now.

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